P & I Project Manager Awarded 2021 Core Value Award

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The Grote Leadership Team cares deeply and passionately about our Vision Statement which includes our Purpose, Mission and Core Values & Beliefs. Our Vision Statement outlines our guiding principles and fundamental beliefs toward a common business goal. Collectively embracing a set of Core Values and Beliefs gives all of us a practical frame of reference from which to base all our decisions, both large and small. We bring constant focus to our Core Values with our daily culture and safety moments.

Teamwork and Employee Development

Todd Wilking is the first one to recognize that without the efforts of his team, our promises will not be met, but he is modest in how much influence he really has on his team. Todd leads by example. His team sees the dedication, effort and drive he displays, and they do not want to let him down. This in turn ensures they will provide a quality product and continuously exceed the customers’ expectations. He always sets his team up for success and removes unwanted roadblocks when they present themselves. He is always looking for ways to increase productivity and continuously improve on our project execution and processes.

Zach Vater sums it up best “Todd’s work ethic, drive, and dedication to TJ Dyer truly meets and exceeds all expectations. Even at the busiest of times, Todd is still willing to step in to offer help to others. Quite a few people in the area say they “bleed blue” following their favorite local basketball team. I can say with 100% certainty that Todd Wilking “bleeds green” with his dedication to TJ Dyer.”

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