About Us

We provide comfortable environments for people in which to work, to learn, to get well and to be entertained

Founded in 1908, The Thomas J. Dyer Company is a full-service mechanical and plumbing company that’s performed best-in-class installation, process & industrial piping and service across the country. Our team of skilled experts provide our customers the highest level of expertise, professionalism and customer service.

A trailblazer in our industry, we integrate the latest technology, techniques and products into our work processes. That’s why we always deliver accuracy and efficiency for what matters the most — our customers.

As part of our continual improvement process, we’ve:

  • Invested in 3D Building Information Modeling, GPS-based layout solution and on-screen 3D estimating software
  • Integrated pre-fabricated assemblies, including:
    • Multi-trade MEP corridor racks
    • Equipment skids
    • Toilet banks
    • Medical gas head walls
    • Hangers
  • Implemented ongoing quality and scheduling enhancements for our customers

At TJ Dyer, we have the resources, capacity and capability to do any job right, on time and within budget.

Our team unites to live out our purpose and mission every day. We also ground ourselves in seven core values and beliefs that drive our commitment to customers and daily business decisions.

Our Purpose

We are an innovative team dedicated to safely providing our customers with the highest quality design, fabrication and installation, that fosters consistent growth opportunities for our employees and shareholders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to measurably increase the satisfaction of our internal & external customers through a continuous improvement process while achieving our financial objective.

Core Values

As a part of the Grote family of companies, we ground ourselves in eight core values and beliefs. These core values drive our commitment to customers and our business decisions.

Employee Development

We will foster the health, safety and development of our employees.


We will continually strive to be recognized as the standard of performance in our industry.


We are committed to profitability. We recognize that profit is necessary to support our purpose and mission.

Ethical Behavior

We will be fair, honest and ethical in all our business dealings.

Customer Satisfaction

We value our ability to serve our customer by providing quality products, services and innovative ideas.


We are a team! We will promote open communication, trust and mutual respect by holding ourselves and each other accountable.


Our core values and beliefs are based on our faith in God.


Through proactive safety initiatives, we track, manage and analyze our results to ensure on-time project completion and excellent results for our customers.

Leadership Team

Christopher C. Ayers


Mike Toebbe

Lexington Operations Manager

Ryan Vaught

Operations Manager

Zach Vater

Process & Industrial Manager

Dave Martina

Director Of Business Development

Larry Staggs

Estimating Manager

Tim Rechel

Cincinnati Field Operations Manager

James Lee Montgomery

Lexington Field Operations Manager

What Our Clients Have to Say

“T.J. Dyer has always exceeded our expectations on the quality of their work, the professionalism of their skilled tradesmen and management staff while meeting our construction schedules. We have teamed with T.J. Dyer on many projects over the past 12 years and look forward to many more.”

Automotive Plant Maintenance Supervisor

“It has been difficult for us to find a company that possesses both the quality of craftsmanship and level of service that we expect with our fabrication, but Thomas J. Dyer continually exceeds these high expectations.”

Industrial Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Backed by certifications and association memberships