Hospital – Medical Gas Renovation

Renovation of 12,000 square feet of existing hospital space at a local hospital. TJ Dyer installed the plumbing relocations, new medical gas piping, low voltage control wiring, panels, fixtures, insulation and medical gas outlets to the 2nd floor operating rooms and PACU at the hospital.

Repository – Boiler Replacement

TJ Dyer replaced an aging boiler with a new, modern Cleaver-Brooks 2,500,000 Btu steam boiler. The boiler removal and replacement were completed in the summer of 2018. This new boiler is a completely integrated boiler, burner, and control system, which offers high efficiency, flexibility, reliability, safety and ease of maintenance.

Education – Pumping Station & Speed Drives Installation

New installation of multiple pumps and speed drives at a 200,000-square-foot high school. This new installation consisted of the installation of state-of-the-art pumps and speed drives for the reduction of energy usage and overall comfort throughout the entire school.

Business To Consumer Warehouse Facility – Rooftop Unit Replacements

Replacement of 25 large, Trane package rooftop units. This unique installation required the installation of the packaged rooftop units to take place on a Saturday, using a Sikorsky, heavy lift Skycrane helicopter. All units had to be rigged into place within a two-hour window.

Prefabrication – Pump Skid

Fabrication and installation of a pump skid at a local manufacturing facility. This pump skid was completely prefabricated, painted and tested at TJ Dyer’s in-house, 30,000-square-foot fabrication shop, in order to reduce manufacturing downtime for the client. The pump skid was delivered and installed with final connections being made onsite at the client’s facility.

Behavioral Health Facility – Cooling Tower Installation

Installation of two Evapco, 600 ton cooling towers at a local, 150 bed facility. Existing cooling towers were left operational with a two-hour switchover to the new cooling towers in order to keep this 24/7 facility operational.

Manufacturing Facility – Chiller Installation

Replacement of a Trane, 500 ton centrifugal chiller and piping inside of a highly automated, state-of-the-art, manufacturing facility consisting of 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space. This new installation was unique in the fact that the strict requirements called for zero downtime and having to rig the chiller in place using mechanical skates as the chiller was moved all the way through the manufacturing facility.

Correctional Institution – Water Use Reduction

Water consumption reduction project at a medium security prison, housing 1,100 inmates project was completed in November 2017. TJ Dyer installed new, low water electronic water control valves for all of the faucets, showers, water closets and piping throughout the entire prison camp. This renovation reduced the total water consumption by 50% per year.