TJ Dyer was brought into this Refinery Shutdown project early on in the planning phase to come up with a budget and a schedule for the entire refinery shutdown. We generated a manpower and cost loaded P6 (Primavera) schedule for all trades. During the two-week outage, we completed 12,500 total field man hours, 1,100 shop fab hours of demo, upgraded piping installs, valve replacements and safety management on the refineries’ major fixed equipment and all of the piping systems.


Alkermes is a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility located in Wilmington, OH. The multi-phase project consisted of a clean steam generator and associated distribution piping which included over 2,000 feet of orbitally welded stainless steel piping. The project also included 1,000 feet of WFI (Water for Injection) piping that was also an orbitally welded system. The final phase of work final connections to process equipment serving their production equipment. The project also required 142 tie-ins to multiple existing services over three shutdowns during the duration of the project.

Koch Foods

In 2018 Koch Foods in Fairfield, OH underwent an expansive utilities upgrade to their existing facility. The thermal heating system was upgraded to a new 25,000 gallon 35 million BTU 4 burner unit. Over 600 feet of 18” full X-ray welded carbon steel distribution piping serves the existing facility. Our scope of work also included one 72-hour shutdown to tie in new distribution piping to cooking equipment to eliminate all but one day of processing time.

Procter and Gamble TDSC

This project located at 5280 Vine Street in Cincinnati, OH is a complete pilot plant replacement in an existing facility. The project consists of fully welded stainless-steel high-pressure high temperature compressed air system, a stainless and carbon steel process steam system, as well as a high-pressure high temperature wash down system with 100% X-ray quality weld requirements.


TJ Dyer has completed work at multiple SugarCreek facilities throughout the region. Our scope of work has consisted of fully welded stainless steel underground piping systems to fully welded stainless steel process water lines. TJ Dyer has also worked with SugarCreek on 100% design assist projects involving full HVAC and process water systems.

Kroger Project Infinity

Project Infinity is a 320,000-square-foot automated grocery sorting and delivery warehouse located in Monroe, OH. TJ Dyer installed the complete HVAC system along with the compressed air system serving the pneumatic controls for the robotic rail system.

JTM Harrison OH

JTM Food Group is a national leader in the creation of fully cooked food industry. In 2017 TJ Dyer installed Stainless Steel Process Piping, underfloor heating systems, as well as the complete HVAC system in their brand new 193,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and distribution center.

Castellini Tomato and Banana Line Expansion

This project located in Wilder, Kentucky, added nearly 30,000 square feet and three additional fruit and vegetable sorting lines. TJ Dyer installed all washdown and equipment water piping as well as shop air systems for sorting equipment.

Procter & Gamble – Olestra

The Cincinnati based consumer products company developed a fat substitute product called Olestra and constructed a facility capable of producing 200 million pounds of Olestra per year. The Thomas J. Dyer Company was involved with the installation of the HVAC/Plumbing systems and a very constrained schedule resulting in an overall daily peak crew size of over 200 craft workers.

Mane Flavors

The 400,000-square-foot manufacturing facility was completed in March 2014. We designed the building’s HVAC/plumbing and installed specialty food grade systems for manufacturing Mane’s products at an accelerated schedule.