Project Superintendent Awarded 2020 Core Value Award

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Congratulations to Project Superintendent Mark Owen for receiving the Grote Family of Companies 2020 Core Value Award from TJ Dyer!

Mark has continuously shown, through his actions, what it means to operate by Grote’s Core Values and Beliefs. Mark and his team have delivered on both customer satisfaction and reputation for several contract projects.

Demonstrating Core Values Internally and Externally

He most recently demonstrated his dedication and efficiency when he and his team achieved a 100% pass rate of full RT welds (500+ welds) on the fuel line system for a Northern Kentucky Cincinnati International Airport (CVG) contract project. They delivered the very best quality product within the project schedule timeline.

Mark demonstrates our Core Values both out in the field and internally through employee development and teamwork. He fosters the health and safety of employees under his watch. For example, he raised concerns over a critical system test months in advance of the actual planned test. Several other field leaders have followed Mark’s lead by looking into the proper methods and procedures to ensure Grote is performing this test in the safest manner possible.

Mark is also adaptable and willing to enhance his team’s productivity with new technology. He’s incorporated the Hilti layout tool, a positioning layout system that saves time, into his team’s workflow. This decision cut down on labor and reduce human error. Mark’s forward-thinking has provided a reliable, cost-effective alternative to a Trimble machine.

Finally, Mark promotes teamwork with open communication. His mid-project review with Operations, Coordination, Estimating, Execution and Management to discuss “the good, the bad and the ugly” led to the creation of Lessons Learned. Mark has given us the tools to hold each other accountable. An more importantly, so we can all better ourselves.

Congratulations again to Mark for earning the 2020 Core Value Award!

Fulfilling our vision

The Grote Leadership Team cares deeply and passionately about our Vision Statement which includes our Purpose, Mission and Core Values & Beliefs. Our Vision Statement outlines our guiding principles and fundamental beliefs toward a common business goal. Collectively embracing a set of Core Values and Beliefs gives all of us a practical frame of reference from which to base all our decisions, both large and small. Our intent is to specifically recognize those individuals who have demonstrated our Vision Statement through their actions and attitudes.